Photography provided by Jared Chambers

We Promote Creative Ideas For The Conservation Of Our Natural Resources

Our Mission

“Artists For A Green Planet,” takes a stand and join the green cultural revolution that is transforming lives worldwide. Our mission is to inspire you to choose an eco-friendly lifestyle with a high degree of ecological integrity. 

Standing at the center of the green innovations are the spirited individuals who are speaking up and building global consciousness. These visionaries are the pillars of sustainable development.

Through our multi-media projects, we share the works of creative minds that take their love of our planet a step further, producing art to make a difference in the world.  

Join us today in our work for an environmentally, economically, and culturally restored planet.

We share the art from over 200 artists worldwide. They inspire everyone to care for the planet.
— Viviana Puello, ArtTour International Magazine

What We're doing

  • Creative films and video production to share with a worldwide audience.
  • Multi-Media magazines.
  • Pop-Up Exhibitions worldwide.
  • Digital Exhibitions.
  • Support artists that share our cause. 
  • Promote the development of environmental technology.
  • A worldwide network to raise global awareness.